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Threads app: A New Era of Diverse and Interconnected Networks

Threads app: A New Era of Diverse and Interconnected Networks


OpenAI’s ChatGPT reached 100 million monthly users in just two months, but Threads surpasses it even faster. Threads app, the new social Meta app reached more than 100 million users organically a few days after its release.

Threads app offers its users the ability to post and share text, images, and videos, Posts may contain up to 500 characters of text or five minutes of video. Furthermore, it allows interaction with other users’ posts (Threads) through replies, reposts, and likes.

Many users claimed that Threads functionality is similar to Twitter and has further been described as a “Twitter killer”.


What’s all the buzz about?

A few days before the release of the Threads app, Elon Musk announced some Twitter limits to address extreme levels of data scrapping and system manipulations. Limiting the verified account users to reading 6000 posts/ day, unverified accounts to 600 posts/ day, and the new unverified accounts to 300 accounts/day. These new limitations coincided with the Threads app release which aims to provide users with a similar experience to Twitter.

With many features resembling Twitter, its user interface design is similar to Instagram’s, with the same heart, comment, and share buttons. This similarity allows users to quickly become familiar with the platform and its features, creating a more seamless experience for those who already use Instagram.

Once logged in, Instagram users are informed that their usernames must stay the same, and they are free to change their bios, profile pictures, and links to their profiles or keep them the same as Instagram. Users who are verified on Instagram will carry their checkmarks over to Threads. After that, users have the option to follow everyone they now follow on Instagram in bulk, including those who have not yet signed up for Threads.

It is really an easy app to explore and use. You have your Instagram community, following, and followers which makes this platform more fun and makes conversations more genuine.


How can Threads app benefit marketers?

Threads app is a game-changer in the world of content creation and marketing.

It is a platform that brings together the best of both worlds. It has set a new standard for content creators where the use of the written word is encouraged to communicate and engage with your audience. Threads App offers a highly interactive platform that enables marketers and brands to directly engage with users through posts, comments, and conversations. Brands can establish their presence, cultivate relationships, and strong brand loyalty by participating actively in relevant discussions and sharing valuable insights.


Consumers increasingly want real and personalized experiences from the brands they follow nowadays. Brands can interact with their audience in a more meaningful and personalized way thanks to the Threads app.

Although Threads does not yet offer advertising possibilities, businesses can still profit by setting up a profile and gaining organic visitors.


If brands want to fully utilize the power of this app, they must focus on engaging in a real and personalized manner.


The Future of Threads

Additionally, Meta is planning to integrate Threads with decentralized social networking protocols like ActivityPub. That might contribute to rewiring the web’s overall social network, also known as the “Fediverse”. The Fediverse allows users to connect and communicate with others seamlessly across multiple platforms. Different connections would be possible that are currently not possible on the majority of networking apps.


Our vision is that people using compatible apps will be able to follow and interact with people on Threads without having a Threads account, and vice versa, ushering in a new era of diverse and interconnected networks.